Anna avesani

Anna Avesani, M.Sc., PhD Student

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I am an enthusiastic and fast-learning person with interest in broad fields of the science. I took a Bachelor degree in Biomedical Laboratory Techniques at the University of Verona. During the degree course I’ve had the chance to serve an internship in clinical pharmacy, in which I learned to work with animal models and I had the possibility to develop a large interest for the scientific research. Therefore, I decided to focus my attention in Medical Biotechnologies, where I graduated with a master thesis internship in the research laboratory of Medical Genetics at the S. Paolo Hospital in Milan. I carried out a research project on the study of the Cornelia de Lange syndrome, a rare genetic disease, through the analysis of Next Generation Sequencing exome and the evaluation of mosaicism in patients with an established phenotype e negative diagnosis. After graduation, I received a scholarship continuing to work on cell biology, in the laboratory of Neurology at the University of Verona under the guidance of Dr. Bazzoli, on a project related to the mechanisms of gliomagenesis and progression of brain tumours of the glial cells. Once this experience ended, I interfaced with the teaching world doing substitutes in high schools. The teaching experience was positive, but driven by my passion on the biomedical research, I attended the laboratory of Physiology of Prof. Buffelli at the University of Verona. I carried out a research project on the modulation of microglia in a transgenic animal model with Alzheimer's, and a project deals with the morphological characterisation of the olfactory epithelium in normal subjects and patients with Alzheimer 's and Parkinson's diseases. Here I learned technical skills and competences on the immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence techniques and confocal and multiphoton microscopy and improved my experience on handling and treatment of transgenic mouse models. Then, stimulated to develop new skills and solve new challenges, I decided to focus my attention on Biochemistry starting the PhD course in Biochemistry at the University of Verona. The project I am working on deals with the investigation of proteins and the mechanism underlying the phototransduction process associated to retinal dystrophies applying in vitro and in vivo approaches.