Valerio Marino

During my studies as B.Sc. in Bioinformatics, M.Sc. in Bioinformatics and Medical Biotechnologies and Ph.D. in Biomolecular Medicine I learnt several biophysical and biochemical techniques as well as computational approaches to structural and systems biology. The integration of these techniques allowed me to investigate the role of Neuronal Calcium Sensor (NCS) proteins involved in the phototransduction cascade on a multiscale level, and to evaluate the molecular and functional effects of genetically inherited mutations ultimately associated to retinal dystrophies.

Moreover, as these retinal dystrophies have no available treatment, I was involved in different studies focused on the interaction between these NCS and organic/inorganic nanodevices to assess their suitability as carriers of NCS with possible implications in protein therapy.

Main project:

· “Cone dystrophies and retinal degeneration from protein structures to biological networks. Toward the design of therapeutic molecules” founded by the Telethon Foundation (collaboration with Prof. Cangiano, University of Pisa and Dott. Milani, CNR Milano)

Side projects:

· “Inter/intramolecular communication analysis of Recoverin/GRK1/ROS-membrane complex”

· “Regulation of Recoverin Ca2+-affinity by target GRK1 and ROS-membrane” (collaboration with Prof. Koch, University of Oldenburg)

· “Comparison of inter/intramolecular interaction networks of Recoverin and NCS1 and their targets”

· “Comparison of intramolecular interaction networks of GCAP1 monomer and dimer”

· “Identification of a possible disease-associated PSN in GCAP1”

· “Effects of ion binding on Recoverin stability assessed by optical tweezers” (collaboration with Prof. Cecconi, University of Modena)