CARmen longo

MSc. Carmen Longo,

Research Assistant

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While studying for my MSc in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology at University of Padua (Italy), I developed a strong interest in Biochemistry and biotechnological drugs formulation. After my graduation in 2019, I worked as a Research Assistant in the Biochemistry laboratory headed by Prof. Mariarita Bertoldi at University of Verona (Italy). My research activity dealt with the heterologous expression, purification and biochemical characterization of two enzymes involved in different rare recessive autosomal neurometabolic disorders. One of my major goals was that, through an expression strategy that I contributed to develop, we gained a better understanding on the molecular basis of a rare genetic disease when it occurs in heterozygosis. My interest in improving to overcome the barriers represented by biological membranes and to make sure that drugs are delivered to target cells without damaging the healthy ones, led me to apply for a position as a European Researcher at Technical University of Munich (Germany) in frame of the Targeting Anti-Cancer Therapies (TACT) European Training Network. Therefore, I joined Prof. Arne Skerra’s lab for one year and a half, where I exploited Anticalins as targeting agents to develop Anticalin-Drug Conjugates.

I came back to University of Verona (Italy) in March 2022 and I am currently working as a Research Assistant within the BMB research group led by Prof. Daniele Dell’Orco. My main focus is to develop liposomes as biocompatible carriers of genes, proteins and small molecules for the treatment of inherited retinal diseases (IRDs). My keywords for a successful research work are passion, collaboration and perseverance. I believe that learning is a never-ending story as well as my love for pizza.