Matteo Riva

My thesis project is about Ca2+-affinity of bovine recoverin, a neuronal calcium sensor protein mainly found in photoreceptor cells. In vitro measurements determined a recoverin Ca2+-affinity of around 17 uM (Kd value), but the actual calcium concentration within the photoreceptor cells is lower (up to 600 nM). This would suggest an inactive state of recoverin under these conditions.

A possibility to bring recoverins affinity for calcium into the physiological concentration range, could be the interaction with the G-protein-coupled receptor kinase, its protein partner.Therefore I’m working on the hypothesis that the interaction between Recoverin and its target peptide (GRK 1-25) might enhance the recoverin affinity for Ca2+ as already seen in other biochemical processes.

Matteo Riva, B.Sc., Master Student

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