Davide Zamboni

Davide Zamboni, B.Sc.

Contact: Tel. +39-045-802-7227

e-mail: davide.zamboni1@gmail.com


During my bachelor studies in Biotechnology at the University of Verona I was involved in the Erasmus+ program in the research group of Prof. Karl W. Koch at the University of Oldenburg, where I approached Biochemistry for the first time. My B.Sc thesis project concerned Recoverin, a neuronal calcium sensor protein directly involved in the phototransduction cascade. In particular, I was interested in the interaction between Recoverin and its biological target, namely Rhodopsin Kinase, with a particular focus on the effect of the target on the apparent dissociation constant for calcium using fluorescence spectroscopy.

After my graduation, Prof. Dell'Orco offered me a fellowship, giving me the chance to complete the project and improve my knowledge in the field. Currently I'm investigating the role of liposomes mimicking biological membranes in the modulation of the calcium affinity of Recoverin, combining different spectroscopic approaches.